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FACT: 97% of our keywords are in the top 3 positions of Google.

Total Solution

FACT: Our SEO staff has never missed getting a keyword into the top listings. Call us today to see the keywords we rank for on Page 1 of Google. We drive millions of visitors monthly.

SEO Optimization

We first perform a mathematical analysis of your website to determine which areas are out of balance with the 311 most important search engine algorithms.

Content Writing

Content provides customers with information about your product or service and also gives the search engines content on which to base their algorithms. We have professional writers in the US with bachelors and masters degrees.

Industry Linking

A professionally built link campaign is built by our linking professionals in our office to obtain links from other websites in your industry. Links are the driving force of your top rankings, we know where to get them!


We know SEO because Google built their algorithms around our websites. It’s true, we worked closely with Google and many of the algorithms and systems they use today were based off of processes we created. Back in 2000 it took us two and 1/2 years to reverse engineer the 311 algorithms that matter most. Our SEO decisions are not emotionally driven, we do not shoot from the hip, and we certainly don’t guess at what we do. Now, it’s just math! Imagine dominating the front page of Google for ANY keyword you want. We do. We leave our competition in the dust.

SEO Is Just Math

Search Engine Optimization is just math to us.  Google does not have people sitting around reviewing websites, they use an incredibly complex set of mathematical formulas to do this heavy lifting, and so do we.  Our 311 mathematical algorithms have been perfectly tuned to produce top listings for over 6 years.  The great thing is that they are tuned to adapt to any change that Google decides to make, so they never become outdated.   How would you like to have Google telling you exactly how to build your pages for top placement?  Well…that is what we have.   If you would like your website listed as a top listing in Google, call us to find out how we can do this for your company.

We Are A White Hat SEO Company

We use only “white hat” marketing techniques which is a term that stems from old time western movies where the bad guys wore black hats, and the good guys wore white hats.  Although we have worked black hat techniques in the past, we prefer this method due to it’s longevity.  Many of our keywords have remained in the top 3 rankings for years after we stopped marketing for them due to the nature and power of our marketing techniques.  We know you are in this for the long haul, and so are we.

SEO Is Not A Fad

Even though SEO has changed over time, it will never go away. With the advent of Web 2.0, there are many more options to take advantage of, however, top listings on the search engines will continue to drive targeted traffic for many years to come. One major change is the advent of local search marketing. This is a process where people look online to shop at local businesses. Mobile phones, GPS devices, and mapping software all take advantage of these local search listings to give great information to your potential customers. We can get you in front of them! You want to be where people are looking. Our SEO is fully integrated with these new technologies and channels and we can take you there.

Our Steps for SEO Marketing

1. Keyword Research

The beginning of any project requires expert keyword research.  We utilize the most advanced tools on the market to analyze keywords that:

  • Have High Commercial Value
  • Are Relevant
  • Have Good Consistant Traffic
  • Have acceptable competition based on the value

Once we determine these, we choose the top keywords to focus on which will bring the greatest return on investment. We then test those keywords using pay-per-click and other ad buying to determine if these keywords will actually convert on your site.  This is the greatest form of insurance for your SEO investment.

We not only do research on your website, but on the top websites of your competition to see exactly what types, quantity, and quality of backlinks it will take to beat your competition.  Once we have completed this research, we have a crystal clear picture of our tactics and strategy.  We also know which keywords will convert for you and which ones will actually build your business and bring in profit that will greatly outweigh the cost of the SEO efforts.  Next, we need a website to convert this traffic.

2. Build a Great Website

Building a great website not only has a focus on how it looks, but more importantly has the structure that is required to deliver both good content to your customers and to Google.  A website with the flexibility of adding content, managing that content and performing internal linking and optimization is key. 

Taking this one step farther is the actual conversion process.  We utilize the most advanced tools to build you a funnel to capture these leads once they get to yoru site.  We can set up automated processes that are built to entice your visitors to enter their personal information so you can directly market to them.  Our ability to see what links they click on, what videos they watch (and how much of the videos they watch) and customize response and marketing based on these activities truly target your customer’s needs and focuses on giving them what they are looking for.

3. On-Page Optimization

Along with a flexible well-built website, there are other processes that are necessary to help Google understand what you are offering and convence Google that you offer the absolute best quality content for their customers.  This is where our mathematical approach dominates the market.  We mathematically balance your page to exactly what Google is looking for with 100% accuracy.  This means we set and forget. When you get it done perfectly the first time…it is rare you need to go back and re-adjust it very often.  Only when Google itself changes.

4. Build Good Content

A great website has a foundation of good content.  With the lastest changes that Google has made, namely the Panda/Farmers update Google has sent a clear message they they are interested in unique good content that is useful to their users.  We have teams of professionals who can help you write this content and help you scale quickly by providing great quality content, perfect for optimizing and ranking high on Google.  Our team of professionals are able to create hundreds of pieces of unique content each month.  Content that Google and your audience will love to read. 

Our content is not only written content, we produce video, workbooks, slide presentations, images, and multimedia downloadable files.  Each of these have their benefits to not only your customers, but also to the SEO process which can provide an amazing boost.

5. Obtain Strong Backlinks

Backlinks are the "votes" of the Internet.  It’s actually very simple when you break it down.  The more votes you get, the higher you will rank on the search engines.  The difficult and time consuming part is getting the right links, from the right places. Our team of experts have mastered techniques to get these links which have allowed us to NEVER miss the front page of Google. 

6. Track Your Progress

Unless you can track your progress, you never know how well you are doing.  We have a host of tools that can track this down to the individual sales.  Several of our custoemers enjoy this granular level of understanding to see which keywords are producing the greatest number of sales.  Tracking your ROI enables not only our team to make calculated decisions, but also your business team to also make calculated moves into different markets and launch you into new areas of business.


If you like what you have seen here, we would enjoy continuing this conversation with you in person to see how your company could benefit with top placement in the search engines.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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SEO Is Expensive!

Dollar for dollar, SEO is the least expensive form of advertising. Compared with pay-per-click, SEO costs an average of .12 Cents per click vs. an average of $1.00 per click for pay-per-click advertising. Imagine a 1000x increase in volume and your sales skyrocketing. That isn't expensive...it's just smart.

My Keywords Are Too Competitive

We rank for some of the most competitive keywords in the world. We beat governments, we beat black hat marketers, we even beat your competition. We have yet to meet a keyword we can't get on page 1. Call us for details on how we can rank your most important keywords.

Our Linking

Our Linking team consists of highly trained professionals with one purpose in mind...to provide you with the highest quality inbound links that are available on the Internet. These links are the driving force for your top rankings.

Reputation Management

Is there a loudmouth out there making your life miserable?—the web is an equal playing ground with plenty of opinions. We can help you put these loudmouths in their place: off the front page! Let us help you with getting your reputation back to where it should be. Learn more


All companies that have been with Search Placement Pros for 6 months or longer have at least one major keyword or key phrase listing (that they chose) on THE FIRST PAGE OF Google as well as the other major search engines.
Who is a good SEO company? Simple...look at their results. Results don't lie!

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82% of visitors click on at least one of the top three organic listings in the search engines. This falls off to about 4% for listings 4-9, but surprisingly the #10 link has 6.5% of the total views.

PPC Statistic

Only 26% of visitors will ever click on a PPC listing. Most claim to not trust companies that can "buy their way to the top". Think of your own habits...do you ever click them?

Server Speed

Google is now considering your server speed as a measurement of your popularity and stability. Have you checked the speed that you deliver your pages lately?

Website Design

Did you know that Google cares what your website looks like? Now, that being said, they don't care if it's green, blue, or red, but the site structure is critical to your top placement in the search engines. If you have been having a problem getting up further, this is one aspect you may want to consider.

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