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Finding the citation sites that are of significance to Google and going through the process of listing with them is a daunting task. The importance of this can’t be over emphasized. Citations and data completion can be lumped into something we call Visible Consistency; and this is something of great importance in regard to ranking high on Google.  Visible Consistency is based on two areas. Your business information needs to have increased visibility on the web, and  the information absolutely has to be consistent.

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Your businesses online visibility begins with your website. The information on your web site must be easily found and read, and that it is consistent with what you provided to Google. The address must be presented on your web site so that Google read it.  Microformating should be used where appropriate  to insure pieces of data are easy to retrieve and use.

You will need to create a KML file, and a XML file. The KML file is on your websites hosting location. The XML file is uploaded to Google Webmaster tools.

These are a few of the areas that will need to be addressed as you optimize your online Google Places ranking.


If you would like to tackle this project yourself and require step by step instruction, order the “Ranking In Google Places” product to your right. Otherwise, the order form to have us do this for you is also on this page named “Submission to Top 150 Citation Sites”.
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Ranking in Google Places

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