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Local Marketing is quickly becoming the focus of all major companies. Statistics have shown that 97% of all local buyers first searched on the Internet before arriving to that restaurant or store. Google has provided a venue for these local searches called “Google Places” or “Google Maps”. This is where Google lists the top 7 local listings when a keyword is combined with a location. For instance if someone were to type in “Phoenix Dry Cleaner”, Google immediately knows the person is searching for a local business and provides them with a listing of possible companies to choose from. You want to be in that list!

Local Marketing Strategies

We have a specially designed process of ranking in Google Places. This technique has been highly successful and produces excellent results. You have two options. One, you can let us do all of this for you with our “Submission to top 10 Citation Sites” product. This includes everything you need for a strong Google Places submission. The cost is reasonable for the amount of work it requires, and you get our team’s expertise to get it right the first time. Your second option is to purchase our “Ranking In Google Places” definitive step-by-step guide on how to do this yourself. We teach you every step of our secret process. This will take a person between 3-4 days to complete. Then the reviews begin which will need to be entered periodically. The more competition you have, the more reviews will be necessary. We highly recommend taking the “Done For You” service and get back to doing what you do best.

Many businesses often rush into marketing without getting a clear picture of what would work best for them. This can cost a company both time, opportunities, and money. They advertise in the wrong places and assume there is value when there may not be. Let me tell you a little mistake we made.

A Little $40,000 mistake …. DOH!

CoffeeWe started a company and built a website for selling coffee online. We spent considerable time and resources to the tune of $40,000 over a 6 month period to get this ranked on page one of Google for the keyword “coffee” which receives about 45.5 million searches a month (not bad we thought). Finally the day came when we hit page 1 and we were at position number 7. We got TONS of traffic, however, we learned too late that all these people searching for coffee aren’t really buying coffee. They are looking for where to buy it locally, or wanting to chat about their favorite beverage. Yes, we made some sales, but nothing like what we were expecting. By not testing the marketing with paid advertising (PPC) we learned a tough lesson….

Test Before You Rank!


Google Places

Local marketing has changed the way we do our online marketing with our organic rankings. One problem that has plagued many company’s organic rankings stems from how Google presents their local listings. While local listings at the top can be good for the consumer, they sometimes edge out good organic rankings that are just as good, or even better. We are starting to see Google Local Listings (the 7 pack) push all organic rankings down, so when you are #1 organically, you are in reality the number 8 position. This takes you from 62% of the traffic down to only 4%. A huge difference!


Do Your Homework!

You will often be surprised as to how you should market when you spend the time looking at where you want to place yourself for the most visibility. Sometimes you want organic listings, other times you want local listings, and yet others, you can be more profitable with pay-per-click advertising. You need a balanced approached based on good research to be most effective.


Bottom line, use a common sense approach to your marketing based on proper research as well as good ranking techniques that will last you a long time. If you would like us to help you with your planning or research, we would be happy to help you.

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