Email Collection Boxes

Email Collection Box with LockThe Worlds Best Email Collection Boxes for List Building!!!

These elegant email collection boxes are made of extremely durable black ABS plastic. They have a mat finish that does not show finger prints, resists scratches and scuffs. Built into the front is an eye catching digital picture frame to display your custom graphics that promote your email or business card gathering contest. The frames can display multiple images in a revolving loop that never fails to catch the customers eye.  This can lead to an increase inemail collection up 10 times compared to a standard ballot type box. They look great and can’t be missed on yours or your customers counter top. These boxes are designed to have a small footprint with a maximum impact so they don’t take up your counter or table space.

These boxes are also good for charities, churches, non-profit organizations, or any group that needs to collect:

  • Names / Emails
  • ballots
  • votes
  • suggestions
  • anonymous information
  • donations / charitable contributions
  • personal information

. The information necessary to pass on about the event or project can easily be displayed on the digital picture frame.

Another add-on for your email collection box is the locking feature. This prevents tampering with any of the contents. you can easily fit a security cord into the lock as well to prevent theft if this is out and unsupervised as well. Another option to the lock is to use a colored zip-tie. This will also prevent tampering in most cases and this can be easily cut off of the email collection box and re-applied when the contents have been removed.

For only $25 dollars more we will be glad to create the promotional graphics. This graphic set includes three different custom graphic images for your email collection box. Additional sets of three images can be purchased at $25 per set.

Email Collection Box Size

: 10″ Wide     6″ High    7 1/4″ Deep

Email Collection Box Screen Size:

7″ Digital Picture Frame

Email Collection Box Features:

  • 7″ widescreen TFT LCD
  • Contemporary-style frame
  • Displays JPEG and BMP photo files
  • Calendar and clock
  • SD, MMC, and MS card slots
  • Full-size USB port for use with flash memory drives

For a limited time you receive a security pen and an SD card.  A $25 value. Get your email collection box today!

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Email Collection Box