Another great article on how Google is changing how it does search – Time to change your SEO Stragegy!

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Here is another great article by Jackie Jones on how Google is changing how it does search…and fundamentally how this will change SEO strategies in the future.  Looks like it’s time to retrain the staff.

Google to Refresh its Search Engine Function

21 Mar, 2012By: Jackie Jones

 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Search engine giant Google is revamping its search formula over the next few months, utilizing semantic technology to display more facts and direct answers to Internet users’ queries, rather than just a list of multiple Web links.

The changes could affect websites that rely on Google’s current page-ranking results, while giving the search engine more ways to appeal to different advertisers, according to industry experts.


Google is changing it’s way of Searching Based on People, Places, and Things

Written by cormiston. Posted in Blog, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engines

Check out this article I ran across that talks about how Google is changing the way it associates your search queries based on People, Places, and Things.  I have always been a strong proponent of using semantic related words within the content of the site as well as articles.  If done properly and naturally, this helps readers get a better context of the topic, as well as serving Google a better idea of the entire scope of what you are focusing on.  With the information that it has from a variety of sources (including Google+) they are starting to include this intelligence with their search to provide more accurate and closely targeted results for users.

Google Gives Search a Refresh

-Wall Street Journal


Google Inc. GOOG +1.60% is giving its tried-and-true Web-search formula a makeover as it tries to fix the shortcomings of today’s technology and maintain its dominant market share.

Over the next few months, Google’s search engine will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links. It will also present more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the search-results page.

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